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Paper back copies of this book are NOW AVAILABLE! Printed on 60# paper and covered with a matte laminate finish. Orders placed today will be shipped within 3-5 days.

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Tyler Schwarz Is a self taught portrait artist and writer living in Los Angeles California. His first book, Four Ways To Feel, was a collection of short stories focused on the sun bleached sidewalks of life in Los Angeles. His portraits focus on influences in the world of music and literature, with an emphasis on color and sacred geometry.

Revolutionary Women of the Twentieth Century is a collection of paintings and biographies centered on the lives of ten exceptional women who fought for change in a world experiencing the birth of a global revolution. Spanning continents and disciplines, these women’s lives represent a vibrant cross sectional examination not only of the women’s revolution but of the broader social and cultural changes that were taking place as humans entered a new age.

Transcending traditional format, Schwarz presents a seamless blending of autobiography, biography, art criticism and observation on the human condition and spirit.

The reader is brought along on a journey of personal discovery while examining the process of creation over a decade’s time during which this project took shape.

The result is a woven, inspirational and optimistic guided adventure into the lives and times of some the most revolutionary women to have ever stepped foot into the twentieth century.

In a very personal love letter to the women’s movement, this collection of biographies profiles the following women:

Tina Modotti, Forough Farrokhzad, Camille Claudel, Josephine Baker, Sophie Scholl,Phoolan Devi, Melina Mercouri, Xiang Jingyu, Zelda Fitzgerald and an Anonymous Zapatista Woman

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