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Acrylic on canvas 30x40 By Tyler Schwarz 2020-Original For Sale $1500 USD

Only one Print left! The image was taken using a large format table scanner to ensure the richest colors and sharpest details.
Printed on acid free high quality 230 cotton rag paper.

         Print $30 Free USA Shipping

        Print $30 + $10 Canada

A note on The Beastie Boys:

My love for the Beastie Boys was born in the summer of 1992 when I got ahold of the album "Check your head".  I was instantly hooked on the high energy and positivity of the music, it was the soundtrack to my life at the time.  I also started to realized that there was a message and a mystery laying beneath the music and the words had much more meaning than I had originally found.  Peeling back the layers, I found a trio of mystics who rhymed out the messages they had uncoded in their own searches, I followed the bread crumbs they left for me.  They were far more than the dorky party band I had seen on MTV.  I found Buddhism and although I never became a "Buddhist" I fell in love with eastern philosophy. I collected all the obscure names they dropped and went to the library in search of more wisdom and began forming a pcture of hte world, and because of that, "Check your Head" will always be sacred to me.  Two years later, they did it again.  This time before I even put the CD in the tray and pressed play I was frozen by the artwork I saw when I opened up the liner notes. It was the first time I saw a painting by someone who would become one of my favourite artists in the world, Alex Grey.  It was his classic piece, Gaia, which started me down a road upon I am still travelling.  Im lucky to have got to meet Alex and his wife Allyson and spend a little time with them, they are truly special people.  But it was the album Ill Communication that brought the kids in the suburbs to the message that we all needed to play a role in healing the world and protecting our fragile human condition.  Much of what was brought to light in that album is especially important today as we face increasing threats to our sustainability, the vows they took on that record were real and many of us took the very same ones as we grew up and confornted the world.  There is so much more to say about the albums that followed or the legacy that the Beastie Boys have created for themselves but it is sufficient in this space to say that this painting is my ode to the band and to the energy that surrounds them.  It's called Gratitude, and that's right.




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